AD Realty

Building Tomorrow, Today



Timeless : not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion


A clear sunset looked as perfect 1000 years ago, as it does today, and as perfect as we all hope it will a 1000 years hence.











Timeless Contemporary


At the core of AD Realty is a motivation to develop timeless

contemporary design. By combining intelligent, classic, and innovative design methodologies with cutting edge development  and building techniques, AD Reality aims to build next level residential developments.


Timeless Quality


Principals, integrity, and a deep commitment to delivering homes of distinction in sytle and exceptional quality ensure all residences developed by AD Realty exude  an air of perpetual quality and timeless aesthetics.












AD Realty Inc

325 West 38th Street Suite 805

AD Realty Inc

325 West 38th Street Suite 805